NEW PRODUCTS NOW IN AT O.K. LUMBER                                                                                                                                                                                          Coeurd D'alene Siding - this beautiful interior siding is the lastest look by a lot of Interior Designers.

O.K. Lumber has one of the largest milling facilities in the Bay Area. With a Rip Saw, Resaw, Planer and Moulder they can make just about anything you neeed.


We are serviced and quality focused. We have professional help that will help you through your project then go and help load your vehicle. This is what seperates us from the big box stores.

 O.K. Lumber is one of San Francisco Bay Area's oldest most established lumber companies. Fourth generation family owned, quality and service is our number one priority. You will always find the highest quality material and the service is impecable. We have a professional staff that can answer most construction questions and we help load your vehicle.

O.K. Lumber stocks all types of hard to find siding, copper nails, split rail post, wire fencing, post caps, bender board as well as your typical building supplies.

We are one of the largest suppliers of Simpson joist hangers in the Bay Area