Concrete Products

  • Dado and Transite

    Dado is a specialized wood product made exclusively by O.K. Lumber and is used to hold the cementatious transite material in place. The transite is a material used as a clean looking concrete expansion joint.
  • Sono Tube

    We carry a good variety of diameters of Sono Tube used for concrete piers
  • Rebar

    We stock 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8" grade 40 rebar.
  • Embed Bolts

    We stock a full line of Simpson products and carry the hard to find anchor bolts needed for todays seismic engineering demands.
  • Bag Ties

    We stock 6" and 8" Bag Ties including the tool to use them. This speeds up the process of tying the rebar.
  • Dobies

    We carry 2" and 3" Dobies that are used to hold up the rebar cages.
  • Concrete Pier Blocks

    Pre-poured concrete pier block with an embedded wood nailer makes piers a little easier on your smaller projects.
  • Rebar Caps

    Required by OSHA these caps can save a life on the job site.
  • Welded Wire Mesh

    6'x6' 10 ga. welded wire mesh in sheets and rolls
  • Bag Mixes

    Concrete, Mortar, Stucco, Sand, Asphalt, Portland Cement are all in stock.