• Redwood Fencing

    We have a selection of various grades of Redwood fencing including the following; Construction: Red and white with large knots Construction Heart: All red with large knots Select: Red and white with small knots Select Heart: Red and white with small knots Clear Aye: Red and white with no knots Clear Heart: All red with no knots
  • Gothic Stake Pickets

    We make our own Gothic Fence Pickets. They are 1x3 and come in 3ft and 4ft lengths. These are what you use to make that white picket fence out of. We even carry the Queen Anne style.
  • Grape Stake Fencing

    This is a hard to find item and we have one of the largest selections in the Bay Area. From the 4x5 post to the 2x4 rails we stock it all.